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Summary / Temperature Wind Rain Cloudbase
Night time Night time
Currently: 12.2, Max: 13.7, Min: 11.4 12.2°C
Warmer 0.7°C than last hour.


Feels like: 12°C

24-hr difference
-5.3°CColder 5.3°C than yesterday at this time.
  Today Yesterday
High: 13.7°C
Low: 11.4°C
Week Average: 17.8°C
Heating Degree: 1.9°C
Cooling Degree: 0.0°C
Heat Index: 0.0°C
Wetbulb: 7.2°C
 Wind from N N
1.9 km/h
0 Bft - Calm
Todays Strongest Gust: 25.9 km/h 00:11
Month: 55.5 km/h Jan 19
Todays Wind Run:
          5.74 km/h
Low Wind Chill:  11.4 °C
Rain Today: 0.0 mm
Rain Rate (/hr): 0.00 mm
Rain Yesterday: 11.4 mm
This Week: 12.7 mm
Storm Rain: 0.0 mm
Total Month Rainfall:
            58.2 mm
Total Year Rainfall:
          58.2 mm
8 Rain Days in Jan.

Cloud Height Base: 1528m
Humidity & Barometer Almanac Moon
Humidity: 84 % Decreased 1.0% since last hour.
Dew Point: 0.0°C Increased 0.5°C since last hour.
Barometer: 1013.9 hPa Rising 1.0  hPa/hr
Baro Trend: Rising
Sunrise: 00:49
Sunset: 15:42
Moonrise: 19:12
Moonset: 08:30
Waning Gibbous
Waning Gibbous, Moon at 21 days in cycle
Moon Age:
21 days
UV Index Solar Radiation
   0.0    None
High: 0.0 @ 00:00
Sunshine Hours Today:
00:00 hrs
0 W/m2 (0 %)
High: 0 @  00:00
This Months High:
1190.0 W/m 16/1/2019
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Wind Chill
Everyone has noticed that in winter it seems colder when the wind is blowing. Mothers recognize this and tell their children to wear more clothes. The question the children ask is how much more clothes. Mothers answer very precisely because Mothers know everything. For the rest of us, wind chill calculations are the basis for determining the effect of wind on body heat loss. The wind chill equivalent temperature equation is: Wind chill temperature = 35.74 + 0.6215T - 35.75V (**0.16) + 0.4275TV(**0.16) where T is the air temperature in Fahrenheit and V is the wind speed in MPH.