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Temp Humidty
Wind Barometer

Rain So Far Today

Wind Barometer
Highest Temperature -148.0°C
Lowest Temperature 212.0°C
Highest Heat Index °C
Average Temperature ---°C
Lowest Wind Chill °C
Highest Humidity 0%
Lowest Humidity 100%
Highest Dewpoint °C
Lowest Dewpoint °C
Highest Humidex 28.1°C
Lowest Humidex 28.1°C
Heating Degree Day 38.7°C
Cooling Degree Day 0.0°C
Maximum Wind Gust 0.0 km/h 20:30:25
Maximum Wind Gust Last Hour 0.0 km/h
Highest Average Speed 0.0 km/h 20:30:25
Wind Run Today 0.00 km
Rainfall since Midnight 0.00 mm
Rainfall last Hour 0.00 mm
Highest Rain Rate 0.000 mm
Consecutive Days With Rain 0 Days
Consecutive Days Without Rain 0 Days
Barometer Records
Highest Pressure hPa
Lowest Pressure hPa
Sun Records
Highest Solar Radiation 0 W/m²
Highest UV 0.0
Sunshine Hours 00
The Meteorological Day ends at Midnight Local Time

Temp Humidty